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Thread: Resurrection Pass Trail: Which Direction?

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    Default Resurrection Pass Trail: Which Direction?

    We are planning a visit in June 2008. For one of our hikes, we would like to hike Resurrection Pass Trail between Hope and Cooper Landing. We have read different thoughts on whether to do this from South to North or North to South. Could you please share your thoughts and comments on which direction is best and any other things we should know.


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    I would go from Cooper Landing to Hope. From Cooper Landing you will get all of your climbing done in the first half day. After that it will be a long, gradual downhill to Hope. I also like the Cooper Landing end of the trail better, and thus would prefer to be in that area for the start of the hike. On the last day you can just push through the last 6-8 miles of the journey to Hope, which in my opinion is the least interesting and easiest portion of the trail.

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    Cool I agree with Brian.

    Cooper to Hope is the best way in my opinion also. Get the elevation out of the way and enjoy the rest of the hike. The end of the hike on the Hope side is pretty boring and somewhat congested due to the fact that they have "improved" the trail to the point that you can drive a truck down the first 5 miles or so...Flat land and lots of day hikers. I prefer to push through that section and go to the cafe in "downtown" Hope for a great and well deserved meal. You may also consider a single day or overnight mountain bike ride on the trail while your at it. This trail has some of the best and longest single track in Ak.

    FYI, if your planning to use a forest service cabin, get your reservations early. They are always booked in the summer... darn tourists!

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    I did it in late june. I don't think it'd make a huge difference; it's beautiful either way. Yes the elevation is slightly in your favor if you head north. If you plan to stay in cabins, then I would gauge it on cabin availability. I was unable to book the Devils Pass cabin, supposedly it was under construction (looked fine to me when I hiked by it). Disappointing because that was the most beautiful section of the trail.


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