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    Anybody using W.C. Russell custom boots? If so, how do they hold up here in AK?

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    I've had both field boots and mountain boots from Russell.....the mountain boots just didn't hold up in the rocks nor did they provide the support in ankle and arch area.....the field boots lasted a long time but I'm much happier with the lighter and cheaper Danner Pronghorn.....

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    I use them exclusively. I have had all kinds of boots and even gave it a go with some Koflachs. Nothing beats good old leathers that are well cared for. Use obenauf's and buy a pair of their sheep won't be sorry. I have had mine for 4 years now. I spend about 20 days a year in the mountains hunting sheep, goats, and blacktails and wear these boots exclusively.

    There are a couple other benefits of russells. For one, they can repair or refurbish them, essentially make them a life time purchase. Also, if you are like most people, your two feet are not anywhere near being the same size. Custom boots allow you to have each foot correctly fitted to the boot.

    These are great boots!

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    I have a pair of Russels, for Africa. I have found them to be lightweight, but not worth the money paid.

    For Alaska, I have been using for many years Meindl Canada Pros.

    Happy feet.
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