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Thread: atv or side by side

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    Default atv or side by side

    was thinking about buying a atv for hunting and what not but then started thinking about a side by side so i could take my son who is only 3 along on some rides with me just wanting to know everyones opinion

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    Default personal preference

    I'll probably get a lot of hassle from this post but here goes. I have an atv, a 2007 700 Grizzly. I purchased it in March of this year. I also have a son who just turned 4 on the 20th of September. I took him with me bear baiting and he spent 13 days in the field moose hunting with me. During bear season he rode up front, between my legs, and often fell asleep on the gas tank (late nights/early mornings you know). Well the between the legs worked all right, but I like to stand up and ride every now and again. So we spent the first weekend of moose season riding like that, with him in front. Sometimes he'd ride in back and hang on to the rack, but I'd have to slide forward and I'm not sure which is worse, a 3 y/o or the gas tank, when it comes to bouncing the jewels around. So after having enough of that I went to Sportsman's Warehouse and bought one el cheapo padded rack bag. I've never owned one but, it was the best 29.99 I'd spent in a while, it even has the "lifetime guarantee". I rigged up a handle with some parachute cord and a section of fuel line. My son loved the new set up, he did however still want to ride up front every now and then in order to see. So we took turns. I loaded the 3 compartments with extra jackets, gatorades, and some snacks and completely filled the compartments so that he had some sort of back rest. Now riding up front is safer in the aspect of being able to control their movement with your legs or free hand. But that seat was so much better, comfort wise, than him riding up front and even when he did ride up front it gave me some padding on my back side and...........some room for the jewels. I often thought of the side x side and said, man that would be great. However, if your son is like mine the motion of the machine just calls nighty-night and I'm not sure how good the seat belts would keep their head from bouncing around. I think you could rig something up to keep them stable. Prior to me purchasing my atv, I was set on getting a Rhino. I've heard from people that they have their advantages. I'm glad that we went with the atv now. Everyone has that place where they go, to get away from people, at least for a couple of years until some knucklehead stumbles onto your trail. And a Rhino wouldn't make it where we spent this year. After all, I only need to ride double for a few more years and he'll have is own machine. I'm already looking. So if anyone is looking for a 2006 Yamaha PW50 childs dirt bike let me know lol. He can't have four wheels until he gets rid of the two he has now. Hope this long drawn out story helps you out.

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    Default Argo

    I have decided that the amount of 4-wheelers I would need for the wife and the kids is too much money. I am buying an Argo as soon as I can find a good deal.


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