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    Question Bear numbers

    It seems that bear numbers are up in unit 13. Where is a good place to go? I'd like to help out the moose and caribou up there, but I don't have an ATV, and don't have any clue where in unit 13 I should go in? Any suggestions for a hike in griz hunt? Thanks.

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    Default Puritan creek comes to mind

    Have heard of guys going in there. One kid from high school used to walk the creek bed. Keeps you out of the brush and should be pretty quite. Might be a little chilly on the feet and possible slippery. So where good boot if you go that route.

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    Default 7-Mile Lk

    Walking into Landmark Gap Lake is easy; there may be 100 machines there, too. The hike to 7-mile Lake (Boulder Lk) is probably OK, too, but I've never walked it (snow machined in on the trail). A guy shot an 8' griz a mile from the road several springs ago, and the guy at The MacClaren lodge could see its den from his lodge. I have seen a few bears in the Amphitheater Hills there, and if they are up high (probably will be by now) where machines can't go, you may have success. People also shoot them along the many creeks that flow across/into/at the Rich Hwy in that area, like Michaels, Boulder, etc; I don't think there are any (many?) machine trails over there; pretty rugged looking. Good luck. j

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    You may consider driving the Denali Highway and spotting from the road until you find one to chase. Caribou and moose season just closed, and there very well may be bears hitting the gut piles now that the mass of hunters are gone. I took a caribou about 2.5 miles from the road where there is no atv trail, and I'm sure that at some point a bear had himself quite a feast on the entrails. Might be worth a shot!


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