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Thread: Bad experience at Northern Enterprises boat yard in Homer

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    Default Bad experience at Northern Enterprises boat yard in Homer

    First, let me say that I don't blame Northern Enterprises for what happened.
    This was my 3rd, and last, month that I decided to keep my boat there.I went down to make one last trip and put on a new carb on my boat. We got down there Friday nite around 9 pm. We entered the boat yard and headed to where I parked my boat and found it wasn't there. I'm sure you know what I was thinking. So I search and search and in the far back corner of the lot, there it was......whew... so we gather the supplies and climb aboard and I notice that my key does not fit all the way into the lock on the door handle. and the door jsut pushes open. The next sight I notice and am puzzled by was the 5 inches of water on the floor. Then I notice a knife I had stashed outside was inside and that was the first clue that someone had broke into my boat. I was however surprised to see my 4 halibut rods with Penn GTI 345 reels, and brnad new Garmin 400c fishfinder were still there. However, here is what was missing. My Jensen CD stereo, a Puma WhiteHunter knife, and my survival bag that I had stashed up under the bow. Now, you may ask what was in the bag..... A Stainless Ruger MarkII 22/45 with 10inch bull barrel (you don't see those very often), a Colt hatchet with knife in handle, camper stove/heater, clothes, Helios brunton lighter, Pentagon Flashlight, various firestarters, all in all a little over $700 missing. go ahead you can now scold me for leaving those in my boat. and the kicker of the story is....... of coarse I can't seem to find the serial number for the gun...... All I can say is that the person or persons who did this are very lucky they were not there when I arrived.
    I did find one person in the boat yard to notify and he made a couple of calls. One to the yard manager, and one to the office lady. I have yet to receive a return call. I did however, file the report with the troopers that nite.
    Morals of the story, never, never, leave a firearm in a boat unattended, and always record your serial #s of you firearms.


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    Sorry to hear about you your loss Mike. I have woke up while traveling and found my truck much the same but for some reason they did not open the back camper and take my guns just all the electronics out of the cab (which accounted for quite a bit).

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    I hate thieves! Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation.

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    I would NEVER leave a firearm on someone else's property. Thats just asking for trouble. Sorry to hear about your luck though.


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