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    Default Gulkana?

    Does anyone have any info on the Gulkana? I was down there a few weekends ago and it was way high and muddy. Thinking about trying it again...float from Sourdoe to the bridge. Any info would be appreciated!

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    The water is still a tad off color, but the fishing is fine. Rain did visit the area yesterday however a bulk of the storms missed the Gulkana. As long as it does not rain buckets the fishing should be good to excellent. We have been doing extremely well over the past 5 days from the Forks to the Bridge.

    Just to let you know the informaiton provided in the News Miner last week for the 4th of July forcast was B.S. and in fact was some of the better King Fishing I have had in years with clients 16 for 16 on the 3rd without working all to hard at it, and 6 for 6 on the 4th.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes.

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    The 2nd run of Reds are in hot and heavy as well on the Klutina.

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    I appreciate the info...we are going to go down and give it a try. We will let you know how we do.



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