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    Talking Tier II Success

    Wife and I finally got the permits in the mail, after waiting for all the legal wrangling to wane, because of the Board of Games foolish decision at last years meeting.
    Anyway, we did not have the time for an extended hunt and with the weather being so warm, we figured we would have to process any meat that we got, real quick so we left the Motorhome at home and took the pickup. Deciding on using the four wheelers, as neither of us wanted to carry the meat and new regulations regarding transportation, limited us.
    Wound up driving all the way up the Glenn Hwy to a likely spot that offered a good parking spot, as evidenced by all the other vehicles and burned out fire pits in the gravel pit.
    Left the truck late on the next morning, cause the long drive wore me out and I was too tired to unload the four wheelers the night before. We wound up going back in 3.2 miles and found a nice bull caribou along side the trail. Wife shot him real quick like. But as our luck would have it, the bull was on the downhill side of the trail, so we had to veer around almost fifty yards to get the wheelers up to the bull. We dressed out the animal as quickly as we could hoping to get back to the pickup before evening. Didn't happen though, because as we departed that kill site, low and behold there were three moose in the trail, not a quarter mile from the caribou. There were two bulls and one cow. The wife shot the larger of the two bulls, nice 3x2 for brow tines. Well, needless to say, we missed supper at the truck and settled for a midnight snack.
    Gear Review:
    Old Honda Four Wheelers performed flawlessly.
    Lacrosse Hip Boots, well what can I say, been trusting them for years.
    Optics, I did find a pair of sunglasses on the trail on the way in and they really did help keep some of the dust out of my eyes.
    For game bags we used the old muslin material ones my wife always makes. No leaves or flies on the meat for us, though we did use a couple of blue poly tarps to wrap the meat in for the trip out on the wheelers.
    Wife used the only rifle she owns, an old Savage bolt action '06, still shoots fine.
    Anyway, for less than a hundred bucks in fuel costs, we got right at a thousand pounds of meat. Looks like we might have a chance of making it through this winter just fine.

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    Now thats what I call a hunt!

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    Default Nice

    That's what I call a good man... let his wife do the shooting!
    Hunt with your kids, not for your kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by politicalbio View Post
    That's what I call a good man... let his wife do the shooting!
    Only because she had the permit (moose). On the caribou, well......I was like the rest of those darn Tier II permit holders, and holding out for a record book animal. <grin> All joking aside, both were one shot kills and no meat lost whatsoever. Missed the kidneys, hearts, livers and tongues. Did put a hole in each hide though, so they have to be sewed up. I did notice though, that this was the first moose that we have taken that was completely free of the parasites normally found in the moose meat, the ones that look like little globules of fat, about the size of a match head. This moose had none of them.


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