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Thread: Browning BOSS Settings

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    Default Browning BOSS Settings

    I just bought a used Browning A-Bolt in 300 Win Mag and was looking at the settings for it on the browning website. It is hardly a list tho. I am wondering if anyone has any settings they have used for bullets they have handloaded. Particularly for Nosler and Barnes loads.

    Thanx in advance

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    Default All different

    I have two Win. Model 70's with Boss. Settings change wiith every bullet change. Instructions get you in the ball park. The rest is shoot and adjust.

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    Tuners, you got to love them! Just see how quick you begin to wonder what the heck is that thing hanging on the end of my barrel is really for?

    If you are sitting around on a hunting trip, tuners are fun to play with and wile away the hours turning.

    I get a kick out of the guy that will never adjust the POS as he thinks it's was set at the factory, or the clown that will only buy the same brand of ammo cause he knows he'll go broke trying to find the sweet spot.

    "Tuners, what are they good for? Absolutely......! (but the people that have them, don't think so.)

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    Getting back to the answer to your question, in my exeprience it varies with the rifle. Someone else's settings might or might not work with your gun and any particular load. There's just no way to get around bench time and fiddling with the adjustments. I don't own any, but have loaded for enough in different calibers and models that I've grown to respect their capabilities. It's another variable to contend with in load development, but it's a variable that you can control and often come out with stellar improvements. But bottom line, you aren't going to get around the shooting required to do the tuning.

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    Default Boss

    Mine likes to be set right on 0 when shooting 180 gr. noslers.
    I know my friends Win. liked .3 the best when we were shooting the same load.


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