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Thread: case trimming?

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    Default case trimming?

    I have been trimming cases for my 300 win mag. I have just one question. I have been really picky and trimming all of the cases to
    + or _ .001. Am I being to picky or does that sound right? I just wondering because it takes me a hour or so to resize 50 brass and trim about half of that. Thanks

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    Default case trimming

    When I use new brass, I size them and then trim them to .010" below max case length. After firing and then resizing, I always check them to be sure they are within .005" of each other and below the max length. Unlike straight wall cases which normally require crimping, for either pistol or long gun use, which I try to keep within .003" of each other for consistent crimping. I use this system for normal hunting loads though for accuracy shooting, I keep them to closer tolerances. It doesn't hurt to trim them to very close tolerances, so keep doing it if it doesn't bother you. If you only neck size or use RCBS "X" dies which supposedly reduce stretching and trimming to a minimum, then, no worries.


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