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Thread: Best way to work a fly

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    Default Best way to work a fly

    hey im going down to the kenai tomarrow and was wondering if ppl have been trying flesh flies and have been getting much luck? if so, were you using the steak and egg or the ginger bunny? what was the setup ; leader length, color, weight length from fly, and weight size. can you still use a sight indicator? sorry for 60 questions, ive just used beads and have had nothing but success, wanted to try a fly this weekend. Thanks!

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    this late in september i always have sucess with straight white flesh flies or ones with with and brown. but generaly it works in the morning a lot better then the rest of the day. as far as leader lenght, go with whatever you used with the beads you were using. Thats normaly what i do and it works. But it also depends on what type of water your fishing in. Fast and deep and slow and shallow are gonna have different leader lengths. Weight is also dependant on the water conditions.

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    dead drift on the bottom...
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