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Thread: Thief shoots himself with stolen gun !!

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    Default Thief shoots himself with stolen gun !!

    TAKEN FROM PARKED CAR: He was handling the loaded weapon.


    Published: September 22, 2007
    Last Modified: September 22, 2007 at 01:52 AM

    A man who stole a gun from a parked car shot himself in the leg only moments later as he fiddled with the weapon, Anchorage police said Friday.

    The man, who has not yet been charged with a crime, was roaming among parked vehicles in an East Anchorage neighborhood, stealing valuables, when he came up with the handgun, according to police. He was accompanied in his exploits that day, Sept. 7, by an unnamed woman who was driving a red Audi sedan, Anchorage Police Department spokesman Lt. Paul Honeman said.

    The man began "manipulating" the weapon, a Glock, and it went off, striking him in the left leg, Honeman said.

    "It's like the Darwin Awards," Honeman said....

    Here's the rest of the article:
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    Default I wish

    They would all have the fore thought to do that. Some rude theivs will make you do it your self. Costing a lot of money and legal counsel.
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    Back before I retired from Law Dawging, we had a probation/parole violator who was running from the scene of a apartment shoot-up when he shot himself in the butt.
    The moron tried to tell the folks at the hospital and later APD that the bullet had come straight down from heaven and nailed him. Including the powder burns down his butt. (Trying to shove the gun into his pants when it went off.)

    So,,, I was told not to arrest him while he was in the hospital so we would not get stuck with his medical bills...(bean counters)

    Of course they let him go without calling us first ,, so I had to start looking for him again...

    But God moves in mysterious ways,,,,

    A few days later he was at his hide-out and shot himself again while playing with a 25 auto... this time right through the hand.....
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    Another good reason to own a Glock, I guess.

    It's too bad he didn't have it pointed in the "right" direction. It would have saved the state some money with the trial. In LA and other places where they have a lot of "gang-banger", among which the preffered carry is in the baggie pants, there is a wound that is famous from these idiots carrying their stolen pistols. It's called the castration shot. Touch off a round with the pistol stuffed in your underwear. The good part of this is they are no longer able to reproduce and spread there worthlessness among the innocent children. Too bad that bullet couldn't find the femoral artery.
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