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Thread: Oh Glorious Caribou

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    Exclamation Oh Glorious Caribou

    Well I bet that this isn't gonna work out at all but here it goes anyway. Been on this Forum for about 2 or 3 years now and have been trying to find the time to do a good caribou hunt, but with my job it doesn't offer up the amount of time that I need, and with my lack of knowhere(not to be confused with knowhow) I have struck out everytime and as my tour here in Alaska is coming to an end within the next 4-6 months. I just wanna express how let down I feel by myself.

    SO I am going to try and get one within' this last 6 months but I do not want to have a guided trip, not b/c of the money but b/c I don't believe IN GUIDED HUNTS...It defeats the whole purpose for hunting if you are guided. SO what I want to do is a UNguided trip for a caribou. If there is anyone interested in helping me out/ going with on this trip feel free to PM me.

    And I'm not trying to put down the guides at all, you guys do great for the tourists/outatowners. I'm just saying that IF you live in this great state and have the will, don't waste your money. I live down in Homer and would love to get out to somewhere and do a 4 or 5 day hunt.

    I know that alot of you are prolly gonna just role over will prolly end up at the 3rd page in 24 hours... I just thought that I would give it a try and see if anyone took a stab at this. But for those of you who actually look at this and give this some thought, THANK YOU even if you don't get back to me on this. And if you do get back to me, we can discuss all the details then. Well, Hey you can't blame a guy for trying.

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    You can do a fly-in, dropoff hunt, self-guided. We flew out to the Mulchatna herd with High Adventure Air in Soldotna a few years back for about $1200 each.

    I don't do the guided hunts, either, although I don't see how defeats the purpose of hunting. How's that any different (except the $$$) than hooking up with a non-guide who has the knowledge to put you on animals? Other than the lazy slobs who expect guides to do EVERYthing for them.

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    Talon Air out slowdotna does alot of drop caribou hunts and i've heard great things about their service. if your only looking for 4 or 5 days i woudlnt' fly to far, might wanna fly out tok or delta in to the fourty mile that way you don't have a mt range inbetween you and home...mountains have a funny way of extending trips...
    easy hunt to pull of, just fork out some dough make some calls, do some reserach and go for it! best way to learn is to try one out and see how it goes, the second trip you'll have alot more insight on how to go about it.
    My number one recommendation is get references from the air taxi's/transporters for the last two years, call them find out how they did, what they saw and WHAT TIME OF YEAR they were there. then start nailing down some dates that sound the most successfull for the area they were hunting, caribou are known to travel sometimes...
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    If you are going to hunt the Mulchatna herd, you better get your butt in gear, a couple years ago I got snowed on this time of year and the lake we were on started to freeze over, we had to get out of there. BRWNBR has some good advice to follow. You might also consider a haul rd hunt if you are archery certified. You didn't mention where you are, Anchorage or Fairbanks and the options differ somewhat.


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