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    Thinking about getting radar on the boat this winter. Just wondering if anybody had any coments on how well it works. Can I see the chunks of ice that are just barley sticken out of the water? Running south of Cheneaga Island can be scary in the day not to mention at night, could it help me get through in the dark?
    How about logs?

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    A radar won't see ice chunks or logs. If i were you i'd get a set of the big Light Force lights and slow down.

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    If you are interested in buying a radar here are some points to consider.
    1. the larger the kw the better the target discrimination.
    2. the narrower the transmit beam the better the target discrimination.
    3. open scanners are better in target discrimination
    4. remember 80/20 ruler 80% of your time should be looking out the window
    20% looking at your electronics. If you find you are uncomfortable with the
    ratio then thats the indication to slow it down to a speed that puts you
    back in the comfort zone
    5. always look at the tides when planning night time running operations. Large
    tides mean more crap in the water.
    6. One more thing on the radars if you are operating in conditions that are
    If you are operating in challenging conditions DO NOT have your settings
    on auto setting. Manually tune your machine to your situation you could
    adjusting often as squalls move through

    Lights for illuminating the night

    always use HPS (high pressure sodium) lights these are the lights that produce the orange glow. these lights penatrate further and do not blind you in the snow rain and ocean spray a 400 watt light is fairly small and works quite well if you mount it low on the cabin roof back behind the brow
    of the front of the cabin. this way you dont light up your for deck.


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