After a good deal of research I decided to go with the "ghost ring" type sights for my Marlin 1895XLR 45-70 offered by Jim Brockman Gunsmithing out of Gooding, Idaho. The sight set consists of front and rear sights, both with protective ears, and the front containing a tritium insert. They can be seen by going to Brockman's Rifles website.

They are exceptionally well made, and they ain't cheap!! $257 shipped. I might have gone with the WWG ghost ring, but they didn't have the rear sight with ears in stock when I contacted them. Frankly, I could not be happier with the Brockman sights, even though they cost considerably more - like about $100 more. It's a one-time expense, after all.

Performance? These are the first and only peep/ghost ring type sights I have ever used. Consequently, I can't offer an opinion about the XS or Wild West Guns sights of similar design. However, as for the Brockman sights - good grief, you can get on target almost instantly - swing the barrel into position with both eyes open and looking through the aperature of the sight, place the tritium dot on the target and let 'er rip. By far the quickest sight I have ever used, and clearly a superior sight for use on the 45-70.

The front and rear sights are both adjustable - sighting in is simply a matter of exercising patience to get it right. Since this weapon will be used primarily as a "big bear" country companion I sighted it in using the rounds I intend to carry - Garrett Hammerheads.

I want to thank Brownbear and Murphy once again for their excellent advice regarding ghost ring sights for this rifle.

I can highly recommend the Brockman Generation III sight set with the tritium insert and protective ears. A great addition to an excellent rifle.