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Thread: Moose Hunt/Bear Fence Report

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    Default Moose Hunt/Bear Fence Report

    As I promised, here is my report of our moose drop camp in Unit 9E.

    As far as I can figure out, the moose population is really low where we hunted (around Half Way Lake, next to the Kjulik river). We saw 3 moose on the flight in - ALL were in Katmai National Park. After leaving the park airspace, we did not see any moose or even any recent evidence of moose activity. We did, however, see plenty of brown bears.

    All the bears we saw were doing what bears are supposed to do at this time of year - that is catch salmon out of the nearest river (in this case the Kjulik). Because we camped about 1/2 mile from the river, I can't honestly say whether or not the electro bear fence was effective. We kept it turned on most of the time but I have no evidence of bears being near our camp. Obviousely we didn't have meat to deal with.

    My assessment of the area? Lots of bears, few moose, typical Peninsula weather (rain, wind, & more rain). I won't be going back soon.

    Before anyone feels sorry for me (maybe I'm kidding) - this was my 11th hunt in Alaska and I have killed 10 big game animals. Not only that but I got to enjoy another 2 weeks in Alaska (even considering the weather) and the trip over Katmai National Park with Rolan Rouse was worth EVERY bit of the expense of the trip. It was SPECTACLUAR!!!

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    phil, great to hear your report, its nice to hear some stories from guys who had things go not really the best they coulda, but still have a great attitude, thats getting lost in hunting today, its more about killing now that it used to be! at least you saw some bears, been a boring trip with nothing to look at! i've worked the south end of the pen, sand point, sandy river, cold bay area and see alot of really big bulls down in there, i wouldn't want to go shoot them though. Glad you had a chance to test some rain gear and your tent! and thanks for sharing with the great attitude!! good luck on your next trip out!
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    Default Speaking of

    Yeah - try this for things not working out....
    Planned a moose hunt up near Manley for a year, and a half. Living in Juneau this meant ferry tickets for truck, and boat plus out of state relative flying in from Minn, and getting his $500 worth of non resident lic, and moose tag. Then all the food, gear, gas, and all that expensive crap for a 13 day hunt. Get to the canadian border out of haines, and here the ******* say "hmmmm, uh, wellll no I cant let you in" For a DUI 5 yrs ago! Oh yeah, and 5 months ago i drove down through canada when I moved from Wasilla to Juneau. Same truck, same boat, same ME! Talk about a bunch of inconsistant rules that differ from border station to border station. No big deal though just a crushing blow to all my plans, and literally thousands of dollars!

    Then we decide to stick it out in Haines, and hunt black bear - Yeah right! Every creek, mountainside, logging road, and even lake shore was infested with Brown bears. We had 12 close encounters in just 5 days! We were lucky to get out of there without being mauled! We talked to a guy that said around haines in the fall you gotta get up to **** near goat country to get blackies cus The brownies run em out. Yeah we heard that on our last day. Worst hunting year ive ever had by far - Nothing turned out good. I guess you need one of these hunts ever so often to remind you how lucky you are when things do go right.

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    Default browns

    So maybe hunting brownies would be worthwhile near Haines? Sorry to hear of your bad luck.


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