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    I am reloading .338 Win Mag cartridges and I am wondering if any might know the proper seating depth for 180 gr Accubonds. I have a Browning BAR .338 Win Mag. Reloading with Winchester brass. I know you can't use a standard gauging tool with an automatic. I was told you have to use a special curved one. Not sure.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I don't know what that means curved gauging tool with an automatic. Seating depth should; not be touching the lands, should fit the magazine.

    Use the standard COL measurement of the loading manual SAAMI is 3.340"
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    I think the best overall may be to start at the recommended OAL. That should take care of the magazine length restriction and should allow for smooth feeding. I would imagine Browning designed the system and chamber for that SAAMI (factory) length. The smooth feeding part, as it is affected by bullet shape and seating depth, may be fine tuned. The tool you are asking about is probably the Stoney Point length gage. Yes, the curved one is designed for auto loaders and lever guns where the bolt and/or receiver won't allow for use of the straight, in-line model. The other part of reloading ammo for auto loaders and some other designs is that reliable chambering may become problematic after full throttle loads have expanded the base/web portion of the case. May or may not be able to get many reloadings out of a case as it becomes work hardened. Just have to be aware of it when it starts happening.

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    Startdard depth.......just make sure you are using Small Base sizer die and IMR 4350 works in on the BARS 30-06/300 win/338 Win and 7mm Mag


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