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Thread: .460 Rowland - first-hand experience?

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    Default .460 Rowland - first-hand experience?

    I've been thinking about picking up a .460 Rowland conversion kit for my .45 for some time now. Does anyone have first-hand experience with the kits? It seems like it would make an adequate black bear-over-bait gun with the right bullet. I know there are more practical choices, but the concept kind of intrigues me.

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    I've used them for hunting and general noise making. It's really a pretty good concept, a super charged 45 ACP. I still have an upper for a 1911 and they are impressive. The barrels are fully supported at the ramp and the brass, available form Starline, is thicker and it will handle the higher pressure. It will almost duplicate the 45 Win mag performance. They do not feed as well as the 45ACP and seems to be suceptable to limp wrist jams if you don't hang on tight. I do have a good upper now that I fit onto my Les Baer custom and it is a slick feeder. I think it will do what you want.
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    Murphy, have you done any load development for the .460 Rowland? The only manual I know of that lists the .460 is the Accurate Arms one. I'm VERY interested in the .460, I figure a .460 1911 and a .22 upper would make for a great field combo. If you have any load data, could you e-mail it to me?

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    Thanks Murphy!


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