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Thread: Upper Kenai bows/dollies for dummies

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    Default Upper Kenai bows/dollies for dummies

    I'm taking four out-of-state visitors floating on the Upper Kenai tomorrow. They're not experienced fishermen, but would sure like to hook into a fish or two. I figure I can teach them how to flip for reds, but that run seems to be winding down a bit. I figured we'd bounce something along the bottom for rainbows and dollies as we float downstream. Any suggestions? I use a fly rod, but I'll have my guests using spinning rods due to the lack of experience. Should I just have them bounce wooly buggers, egg sucking leaches, and egg patterns along the bottom as we drift? Maybe go with a bead or two? Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    B M -
    I'll be VERY interested to hear what others have to say, 'cause I fall into the dummy classification as well, especially this time of year on the upper Kenai.

    However, I've done OK - not great, but OK - dead drifting flesh patterns either with or without an indicator. I've done better on the flesh patterns than on beads, but my July upper river experience is limited to two summers, probably three-four trips each year. I usually rig the flesh pattern with a small split shot above the fly. I've also caught some rather large dollies, but not rainbows (yet?) on an orange and white coho fly while flipping for reds. These flies look a lot like a chunk of a freshly filleted carcass, so if you don't happen to have a flesh pattern handy, you might substitute a orange/white coho fly.

    I know a guy at work that swears by sculpin patterns and egg sucking leeches this time of year on that stretch, and does pretty well, so maybe that's worth a shot, too.

    Good luck -let us know how it works.


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    If you're using spin rods why not try pulling plugs? Effective and easy...and with the anchor being deployed, a nice break for the oarsman.....


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