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    Default Silvers!

    I am hearing reports of silvers in Ship Creek and Deshka River. They ought to be trickling into my fishing holes by now too.

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    Default Anchorage Area Silvers

    Have caught them at the mouth of Peters Creek, down by Birchwood Airport, off of N. Birchwood, behind the state maintenance yard. There is a small run, in Campbell Creek. Bird Creek is always a possibility. By far the best one around is 20 Mile River, near Portage. Huge silvers, but they come in later there. Eklutna tailrace and Jim Creek are average, but typically crowded. There are couple of honeyholes, off of Knik River Road, but the best way to access them unless you know where they are is with a boat from the Knik River, just look for the clear water sloughs, on the right hand side, going up, four holes before you get to Hunter Creek. On up Knik River on the left side, you will find a clear water stream, between Friday Creek and Metal Creek. It is always full of Silvers and Reds.

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    I possibly know every single hole on the Knik River and lower Matanuska, and Jim Creek too. I even know of a lake in the middle of Knik that holds reds and silvers. The Dogs should be running pretty good in the Matanuska river right now.

    I wont be giving away any holes though.

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    No holes is okay. How about a time line of when they should show up. Not seeing any on the west side of Cook Inlet yet.

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    I probably wont do any serious fishing until the end of the month.

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    Have you ever tried fishing for dollies in the Knik and Matanuska Rivers? Right below the bridge abuttments and pillars are dynamite for dollies. They are deep holes that hold lots of fish. Eggs are the ticket here, cause the water is silty.

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    I have caught some huge dollies in Jim Creek and a few on the Matanuska river. One time I caught a decent sized rainbow in a creek flowing into the lower Matanuska River. I have heard of people catching pike and rainbows in Jim Creek but I havent caught one in 20 years of fishing the area.

    Eggs definately slay the fish, and its my preferred way to catch them. Unfortunately, I dont have any eggs in the fridge, hopefully I will fill up some containers with eggs this August. The store bought roe just doesnt do it for me.

    Also I know of a late that holds flounder and some nice sized winter salmon too. Very few people know of this lake, and most people never even see it.


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