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Thread: Floating the Tanana: RM764

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    Default Floating the Tanana: RM764

    I have spent some time searching the archive, but was hoping someone could provide some easy answers. Looking to float the Tanana for RM764, Zones 2 and/or 5. Have a 16' cataraft, and 3-4 days time to spend in the field. Looking for info on locations for put ins, take outs, how fast the current flows, trouble spots, etc. Any other info on this hunt or tanana river in general would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default put in

    You could put in at the boat ramp on chena pump rd. and float to nenana boat ramp. The section of river your looking at has been getting hit hard since the opening of moose and there's still quite a few boat trailers there. Good luck.............


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