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    Looking for someone to join me for a fly-in deer hunt around 1st or 2nd week of November. Cost is $850/person which is all inclusive for transportation to and from location and transportation of meat. Natron Air fron Soldotna is the outfit providing the transportaiton. Weight limit for gear is 125lbs. Half is due to Natron Air at time of reservation. Looking at going for around 3-5 days. I live in Anchorage, so I could meet to discuss if necessary.

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    Did you happen to ask them how the deer population there was?

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    Default Montague Island Deer Population

    They said last year hunters limited out within 2-3days. I have not reviewed the prior year harvest reports from Fish & Game, but I would expect that to be a good place to start. Good question thanks for asking.

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    Default Deer Population

    I guess I should say they said most of the hunters limited out in 2-3 days, but no hunter came up empty handed.

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    I know of a party that went a couple years ago to Beach River on Mont. Could have busted a real big one but never checked the regs. thought it was never open or something. It is registration and worth the time I would think. Last I checked, 2 or 3 years ago he was $650 for combo deer and brownie hunt. He is a good guy. We were impressed when we did the swoop and two times with him.

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    Did you rent a cabin, or going by tent? And if a cabin, which one?

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    Cabin's are all reserved for the location's Natron drops off. Well they are reserved until Thanksgiving then they are open. Looks like tent city first week of November.


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