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Thread: More Chugach Success

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    Default More Chugach Success

    My theme for hunting the Chugach Mountains this year was counting rings. Couldn't find any full-curls but was able to count rings on a couple heavy horned rams. This first one I guided a client to early in the season. Open area of the Chugach. 37 x 14.
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    Default Continued...

    Then I headed into Chugach State Park for my personal sheep hunt and got this guy. 35 x 14.
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    Default Rifle and bullets

    Since I know it will be asked...

    Remington 700 Mountain Rifle. Nothing custom except I replaced the wood stock with a cheap synthetic stock out of Cabelas. Topped with a Leupold Vari-X II. 30-06. Pretty plain jane rifle. The one my parents bought me when I was 14 and still the only big game rifle I own.

    I handload 168 grain Barnes Triple-shocks with H4350 to about 2800 fps.

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    Oh man, that's awesome! That picture of you and your ram cracks me up. I swear you both have the same look on your faces! How old were those rams? I think I could count nine from the pics?

    Nice job.
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    Default nice job!

    Sounds like you worked your butt off twice! Nice looking sheep. What kind of spotter were you using to count the rings? How close were you?

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    Nicely done fullcurl. You never disappoint.

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    Red face

    congratulations, nice ram. not easy to get one this year. slim pickings.
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    Default Well Done!


    Congrats on 2 fine rams. You always find a way to get it done! Also, thanks for all the advice you gave me on my first hunt!


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    Default Ages

    First ram was 9, second was 8. Using a Leica 62 to scope 'em out. Both shot at approx. 200 yards. I really like that distance. It's a real reasonable distance for accurate shooting. You get much closer and it's almost too close as far as them spooking.

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    Default attire repair

    duct tape rules. nice rams. the two seem to have the same horn shape, are those unique to that area?

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    Thumbs up great job

    Way to go, Stephen. Those dark Chugach annuli were probably really great to help with the counting.
    Great ram, hes got some great bases too.
    Tok last year and Chugach this year, wow.
    My Marmot pants look identical to yours, duct tape too.
    My green precip coat is identical too?, hey, did you steal my stuff!? lol!

    Congrats, my friend,

    Ps, Yes, Bone, Chugach rams often have low sweeping curls and some may never reach full curl yet be 10+ years old. They have some great growth rings too.
    The ones that do get full curl are often real bruisers.

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    Default Two Rams

    Way to go! Its nice to see the photos and read about the successes. Thanks for the rifle setup or I was going to ask. A real "plain jane setup" but its one rifle your parents bought for you. Can't beat that either!

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    nice pics!

    Those lowas you're wearing?

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    Default Man, oh Man...

    ...all these sheep pic's are makin' my knees weak, and blood pressure rise! Spent a magical 16 days afield with George Palmer in 19C in 2001, and missed a bruiser of a ram up there. Been a lifelong dream of mine, it almost came true, and still haunts me to this very day. But what a wonderful hunt it was, as I wound up taking a great B & C Caribou (394 7/8) and a beautiful grizzly (BRWNBR's pic on page 6 of '07 photo gallery could have been my bear's twin!). What a country, and what places those sheep call home! Sure hope to return, someday, but believe it or not, still paying for the first go 'round. Ahh, to again walk where sheep walk...


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