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Thread: Anchorage trout fishing?

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    Default Anchorage trout fishing?

    Is there good trout fishing around the Anchorage area?
    I looked at the map and there seems to be lots of lakes and streams but I also read that lots of streams and lakes don't have any fish in them. Or was it just some lakes?
    I cast and fly but mostly cast a lure.
    I am planning to move up there so I am not asking about a specific time
    of year. Thanks.

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    There are plenty of lakes in the anchorage area to cast lures or soak eggs or fly fish for rainbows and char. Some lakes have pike and cambell creek gets some silvers and has rainbow fishing too. Ship creek downtown has rainbow fishing too plus there are quite a few streams within 2 hours of here to chase trout and char. If you are moving up here I suggest keep reading here as alot of questions are answered on this site. make a trip to fish and game in anchorage. I have always found them willing to help out an angler and any questions on the regs. I would also as a newbie buy a milepost. It is very accurate as to alot of the fishing lakes in alaska. Also fish and game has a listing of all the stocked lakes in alaska. Im sure if you google alaska department of fish and game there will be tons of info there too. Anyway your on the right track and hope this helps a bit
    fish on
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    stocked lakes + dry flies = fun
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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