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Thread: Peterson's Hunting- Moose near Fairbanks

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    Default Peterson's Hunting- Moose near Fairbanks

    Did anyone catch this last week's episode?

    Two big moose that took much killing by a 30/06 and a 270 winchester.

    It was a pretty entertaining episode.



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    Is that the one with Eric U as the guide? If so I caught a portion of it. And if he was guiding where I think he was, he's a good 2hr 206 flight from fairbanks.

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    Default Hunt Alaska

    Eric Umphenhour was the guide. Scott Rupp and big wig from Hornady Ammo. They stalked a black bear and missed.

    They passed up several moose.

    I did think it was interesting that Rupp shot the moose braced up against the side of a tree. I have heard that it messes with the harmonics of the barrel during the shot but at fifty yards its pretty hard to miss.

    It was a great episode. Jim Shockey has some good ones as well.


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