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Thread: Another crash

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    Default Another crash

    Not sure if this has been posted. I dont know all the details but sounds bad.
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    Default Is it true?

    I read this yesterday and the first question that poped into my mind was is this true and who is the guide?

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    He posted the name of the guide and outfitter in that link. This all sounds a bit sketchy. Ranting about the plane being over loaded with fuel and ice on the wings as the cause of the crash and him going on and on about his broken ankle when he was the one that kept going on it. Yeah the strip is a bit bumpy and muddy but there are no obvious holes or other obstacles that you can see in his one pic.

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    Default read the story

    I don't there there is much more to say about the crash except pilot error. That is the cause of 98% of most crashes? If the plane was over loaded, pilot error, ice on the wings, pilot error. Read the thread and I think you will be able to put two and two together. The guide works the Middle Fork in the 40 mile country. That should get you close!

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    Unhappy scary

    Scary. Those guys should be dead. It does remind me to strongly consider who I fly with. I have always been very cautious about who I fly with and have tried to only use well known, experienced pilots rather than the bigger outfits who employ seasonal, less experienced or less cautious pilots. This has to be a black eye for the well known larger outfit the pilot in question actually worked for. I know that guiding outfits treatment of their client, poor judgement and their covering up the incident should make anyone want to steer clear of them. JMO.
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    Guys, our rules state that you may not post negative information about businesses. Posting a link to another forum where there is negative information about a guide is skirting the intent of this rule. If you want to find out what Hillbilly is talking about, send him a PM. We will not use our forums as a conduit for sharing accusations about businesses or individuals. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Default wow...

    What a mess.

    Guys, do your homework with your outfiiters, Take some time and really get into your hunt details. It could save you a nightmare like this one. Sheesh.

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