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    What a great forum.

    A friend and I are going to be on the kenai penisula in early to
    and are planning lots of fishing for our trip. We realize silvers and
    in the rivers are the main attraction, but are also wondering if saltwater
    fishing from shore for rockfish or salmon is a possibility, especially

    Also, I read about renting a boat out of Whitier. What is the possibility of us finding some halibut. I have never fished for them but have alot of fishing experience.

    Any info is appreciated.

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    I haven't tried it yet, but heard that both kings and silvers return in good numbers to the "Fishing Hole" on Homer Spit. It's a saltwater bank fishery and the silvers should be present while you're there.

    From what I understand, rockfish can be caught from the tip of the spit as well.

    As for Whittier, don't know about boat rentals. However, I think it might be a stretch to reach the halibut grounds in one of those rigs anyway. Regardless, silvers should be accessible from either a small boat or the shoreline during that time-frame.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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    Default Whittier

    rents boats up to 26' or so (sea runners, Aurora's, etc..) but finding fish, especially halibut, can be difficult in that area. I imagine the rental co's can point you to a nearby area, but PWS is huge and can be dangerous. You would be better off jumping on a charter and letting someone else take you to the fish IMO. It would probably be cheaper in the end as well.

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