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Thread: Haul Road in November?

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    Default Haul Road in November?

    I hunted the Haul RD this year at the end of July. Saw a lot just didnt end up harvesting one. The only other chance I will get to hunt Caribou this year will be in November. I was thinking about making the trip back up. Has anyone ever done it in November? Any advice on what the Caribou will be doing, or road conditions and suggested gear? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I have

    been up there in November and it wasn't pleasant. Snow was deep and if your looking for a trophy good luck most the bulls have started/already shed thier racks, but capes are nice and thick. Look at "Haul road early Oct" for gear and other observations alot of that applies for November. Most of the herd we saw was about 15-20 miles past Galbreath Lake. Hopefully this helps.

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    Default yep

    been there done that. -30*, all the bulls had dropped, and i got frostbite. Another thing that was bad was the 6 hours of hunting and 18 hours of twiddling thumbs in the truck wasting gas. Other than that great trip haha. hope this gives you some insite.

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    I will just say prepare to be cold. When I went up in Nov. the warmest it got was around -15. We did see a lot of animals. Most were one horned bulls. Even seen one jump off of a small creek bank and both horns popped off on his head. Good luck.

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    Default Too cold.......

    Be sure to practice with your bow at -20 before you get there-
    (In your freezer? I don't know where, hopefully not here!!)
    I shot at - 24 once, and had to use my 30 yard pin at 20 yards. The dang limbs just don't spring back when it's that cold.
    Maybe you could get them with a spear!!


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