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Thread: Great Hunt expierance

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    Default Great Hunt expierance

    This is the best hunting expierance that I have ever had. I drew the DMA bull permit this year. I hunted the openor and was successful taking a 50 1/2" 4 brow tines on each side Moose. This is my first "big" moose and I was very thankful and really excited to harvest the animal.
    The best pert of the story is this. After I downed the big bull I heard talking coming from behind me. I thought I was hearing things at first, then I heard a cough. 3 hunters stepped out of the bushes behind me, I immediatly felt bad because I had moved in on someone elses hunt, but the hunters were the nicest people I had ever met. They congratulated me on the harvest and both walked the 200+ yards up to where the moose lay to check it out. To my suprise these 3 hunters assited me in field dressing the Moose. This monumental job for 1 guy turned into a breeze with 4 of us working on it. After the job was done I offered some of the game to them, they refused. I offered to follow them into Delta and buy them dinner and drinks but they also refused.
    It really makes me thankful that there are still descent people out there. This isn't the way the story would usually go, but man was I happy to have their help.
    I've been seeing a few threads on here about negative hunter on hunter exchanges and thought this might be a nice change.

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    Default Congratulations

    Congratulations! Glad for you and very nice to see someone offered to help you out. It happens, not as offten as it should, but it happens. Too bad you weren't at least able to get some names.

    Nice to hear everything went well.

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