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Thread: Atigun river to the Sag river

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    Default Atigun river to the Sag river

    Anyone ever kayak, canoe, or boat either one of the atigun rivers? I am thinking that it would be an easy way to get away from other people and make a real experience out of a road hunt. So my question is, are there any people on this forum that have ever done either one of the trips? If so what was your experience. Thanks in advance,
    Frank Holdburg

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    The better way to go here is a self-bailing inflatable... not completely necessary... however, a nice feature to take on the gorge section at all water levels. A 14' Cat like the AIRE Ocelot and forward mounting of the oar stations is about perfect. Canoes and Kayaks are ok with light loads... but do not overload, and have a good grasp on your skill levels, self rescue, proper equipment, etc.

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    Default Do a search

    I asked the same question. Most of the replies were that it was, or could be very difficult water. There are previous posts from several different sources.


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