Sept. 17th up date.

Well guys it was a **** busy weekend! Lots of hunters coming and going from Kotz and very few came back empty handed. The temps cooled down to the more normal range with overnight temps down in the high 30í and we are only warming up to the high 40 or so. Lots of good meat and very little spoilage. Something to keep in mind that there is NO freight services open in Kotz on Sundays. I had a group of guys who came back to town early and were frustrated to find NAC closed and they wanted to jump on the first jet out of town. Plan on a day to deal with boxing up meat and horns and donít rush because life up here has its own pace and it is slower.

I had 3 groups in and Sunday and all came in happy with nice racks. The Kugurork and Kelly Rivers are producing some of the best animals right now. I just sent a group up into the Nimmi which is way up the Noatak. The Nimmi is a gem of a river drainage that sees very few hunters because it is a 2+ hour flight but it is worth the travel for those of you who are interested in a hunt minuses other hunters, good bou, moose and lots of bear. If you are interested in a 08 hunt up there shoot me a PM and I can fill you in. I talked with a guy who flew with Northwest Aviation. He brought in a huge moose from the Kug, biggest one I have seen this year. It was WOW with some of the best and tallest tines. It looked to be in the 63-65 inch range.

We are in the last week or 2 of hunting and I will let you know how it finished out.

Good luck!

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