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Thread: Caribou Craze

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    Default Caribou Craze

    Hey guys,

    WOuldn't mind finding a Bou this year how about a lil' help for MIL Member? Just wondering where the best place to get a caribou would be right now? how long do you think it would take for a do-it-yourself trip. Been living in AK for about 4 years now and just never have had a chance to figure caribou out like i would have wanted to. If you have any suggestions just PM Me or post. Thanks alot guys


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    Pretty much all it takes Rob is looking at the regs to see which areas are open at this time. If your not holding a drawing permit and you want to hunt something along the road system, it probably won't be easy. Best chance for a guy in urbania is to head to the north slope in your truck. The other hunts along the road system are heavily used generally, and are registration hunts that close after a harvest quota is reached.
    Or you can fork out the money for a fly out hunt, tho it's kinda late for that.
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    Steese 40 mile Caribou is open until the 30th but they aren't near the hwy yet. I just spent a week up there. Might not make it by then but keep calling the 40 Mile Caribou hotline. Otherwise it should be open again in december.
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