Ok, this was just something I threw together in about 30 mins:
(Ok so I've got a new DeWalt set I need use for, Okay???)

Now, the first thing I did was take an old peice of 2x4 about 6" long & cut some angles into it, to the halfway mark ('bout 1 3/4" in) & then I used my drill to remove the angled cut (my sawzall blade went missing), leaving a good 2 1/2" for the rest on the stock. I then smoothed out the V cut with a lil bit of whittling & some sandpaper, & then I took my drill & screwed that piece into another 2x4, perpendicular.

Then I took two more 2x4's (small about 4" in length) & slapped them to either of the side (too keep the V cut from tipping) with some screws, now the front rest is done. (I use an old unused bag of beans for the V to hold the rifle).

For the rear rest, I used an old angle cut 2x4, that fit the angle of my buttstock, surprisingly, & then slapped that to two more 2x4's about 4" in length as well...& Viloa! You have yourself an easy cleaning & or Shooting rest for the range...