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    Default Chatanika river

    Looking for any advise for floating the Chatanika. I will be doing this for a moose hunt.



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    Default Chat....

    Where are you putting in and taking out, Josh? The Chat can be a great float, although as you surely know the river parallels the Steese for a long way and that means several miles of noisy, fat, slob, lazy hunters. I can think of a few more adjectives, too. I did this last year and the experience was marred by these garbage-leaving losers.

    Once past the road, the float towards the Elliot gets a bit better. I didnt float as far as the Murphy dome put in, but that would be my choice if I were you.

    Its an easy float, water can be low sometimes, keep it light and you'll have no problems. The terrain varies from bluffs, to swamps.
    Saw some decent bull sign and bear sign too.

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    Default Chatanika

    Frank I was gonna put in on the steese and pull out tat the Elliot. Is the Murphey Dome road a good option? I have a F150 that will be pulling a 8 x 12 raft trailer.




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