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Thread: ruger redhawk sights

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    Question ruger redhawk sights

    I have a redhawk 44 mag with realy sloppy sights there is a ton of room in the notch so you kind of have to judge that the blade is in the center so consistancy goes out the window. I want to replace the sights but don't know what is available. I figure this is the place to ask so any input is appreciated. The pistol is used as a sidearm when hunting and has a 5.5" barrel.

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    I'm fond of two varieties. The "express" sights from Ruger are best in my book for precise hunting shots. They consist of a gold bead front sight and a shallow rear v-notch rear with a white line leading up to the notch. Put the bead on top of the white line and it's spooky accurate.

    For faster handling, I'm fond of the ones from Millet. Take your pick of models. They're all good.

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    THe wide notch and square front are pretty much a standard hand gun sight configuration. Many have found them ineffective. I have used them for forty years and don't mind them at all and can still hit a 10" target at 100 yards with them. I don't like the std RH sights because of the red ramp, but Ruger not only sells, as Brown Bear mentioned, the ( the gold bead front shallow V rear, (GBFVR) they sell a solid black front to replace the red ramp. Also there are other after market sights for the RH and are quickly and easily replaced. The GBFVR set is about $15 and the black front is about $4 from Ruger.

    Hamilton Bowen makes a rugged rear sight for the RH that installs easily and can be had with the shallo V rear or square notch both with vertical white line in the center. These are about $100 but not only are they more visible they are much more rugged and have set screws to lock the setting. This is what I install on all my Rugers and use the all black front ramp. This rear fits BH or RH but the front is fixed on the BH.

    The new 4" RH has a pinned in front sight which is not changeable and no aftermarket support. I've sent mine off to get it milled to accept the Wiegand front ramps and use the HB rear sights.

    With a little practice the standard sights work ok. I still prefer a sight in with a six o'clock hold. Sit my target on the front sight. Keep the post centered in the wide open skies of montana rear notch.
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    Default Ruger sights

    In a past life I shot in IHMSA and used a stock Ruger Blackhawk in the 'stock class'. With stock sights we could hit the ram targets at 200 yards on a regular basis. Yes it took lots of pratice but anytime you want to get good with a hand gun it requires lots of practice. I have used stock Ruger sights for hunting for many years and have not had any major issues. Yes it required that I keep my shots with-in 50-75 yards but that is part of the challenge.
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