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    What would be the best load for a .243 if you were shooting a blacktail deer size animal and the best load for a black bear? thanks for any info.

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    In the past I used to use 85 gr sierra's for deer. As for black bear I would goes with the 95 gr Nosler or even a little heavier, but well constructed. For now I am loading 70gr sierra's for varmints. My rifle is a Md70 classic that is set up for varmint hunting.
    Good luck.

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    I shoot 100gr Nosler with 3031. some where between 31 and 33gr. It will push that pill 27-2800 fps. I have only shot whitetail with that load, no blackbear.


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    I've dinked around with most of the bullets available for deer shooting. While I like the Nosler parition just fine, they tend to be a little tough to expand if you stretch shots past 300 yards. My "go to" bullet for long range deer shooting is the Speer 105 grain spitzer. Plenty tough at closer ranges, but a reliable expander at the long end.

    My "long range" 243 happened kind of by accident. I picked up a standard model Ruger #1 in a trade and got to wondering what it would do with that 26" barrel. I discovered that the throat was fairly long on it, allowing me to seat bullets way out beyond factory standard, meanwhile significanly increasing the powder capacity. I'm not going to tell you how heavy my charges are because I'd hate to think anyone would load them in a 243 with bullets seated to standard depth. But with a carefully worked up max load of H-4831 and that long barrel, I can easily top a chronoed 3000 fps while getting normal case life. I'm not a pressure pusher, so you can be assured that my "max" loads are lower than some you'll see written up.

    After that diversion from your original question, I'd sure investigate the 105 grain Speer, especially if you get up high there on POW where the range can stretch. I've popped exactly one black bear with the load. 150 yards broadside lung shot. Didn't prove anything one way or another, because the bear died just like any others I've shot the same way with heavier calibers. I will say that the bullet penetrated completely and left an impressive exit hole.


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