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    Default EAA witness acp .45

    i don't know much about hand guns however i did own this nice weapon in the wonderfinish but sold it. It felt good and being Italian, i guess them who make it can't be all that bad from Italy. Italians make dang good stuff. Tangfolio is the name. I once did some reasearch but just too tired to start up again with all i have on my plate these days. I should have saved copies of all my printouts from then but think they got tossed.

    in '04, i paid 360.00, now the same shop sells it at 411.00 anyone know how dependable and well made this handgun is? stainless and cheap enough for me to still want yet another one. They good guns? I appreciate the help.

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    Was it a TZ-75? I have one in 40 cal, and a CZ-75 in 9mm, and a springfield armory p9 longslider in 40 cal as well. They were made for the czech army. I luv the ergonomics of these guns and have never had any problems with any of them what so ever, but have no expierience with a 45 in them.
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    Dave, i'm not familure with the model number you mentioned. As far as I know it was the .45 acp. Yes, fine looking gun and the wonderfinish held up good in that fobus holster. plastic of some sort. I liked the 9mm but just a tad bit thin on the handle. when you raise these guns up they feel so balanced. The 9mm would sure be cheaper on ammo for target shooting.

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    Default CZ Clones...

    The 45 ACP, EAA Witness is a clone of the CZ-97 45 ACP. Just as the TZ-75 (Tangfoglio) is a clone of the CZ-75. This pistol is a development by the Chechs from the P-35 Browning design to make a double action auto with the double stack magazine, from that basis. It can be carried hammer down and fired first shot double action or cocked and locked like the P-35 or the 1911 series of pistols. The Israeli IDF was extremely interested in this gun in the '70's and paid CZ to manufacture it in Israel.

    The 75 9mm and 40's are generally considered pretty good just a little rougher than the CZ's, which are still rough around the edges.

    They are a buy but the 45's didn't get off to the start the 9's did. The CZ 75 was the catalist gun of the wonder nines with DA/Hicap capability, even though S&W and others had double stack DA pistols out. The CZ'z are probably the 2nd most copied pistol design in the world, the 1911 being #1.

    The Sphinx AT2000 is a clone made in Switzerland and is the epitome of refinements of this very good design.
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    Thumbs up EAA Witness .45 ACP

    I'm no expert but I've owned one of these guns for about 10 yrs and like it a lot.

    It's very accurate, shoots and handles well and the finish seems, so far, to be as good as it was claimed to be.

    The only drawback I've found is that it's hard to find accessories for it compared to say a Glock or 1911, such as lazer sights etc.
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