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Thread: Hunting from a Delphin

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    Default Hunting from a Delphin

    (had to move this the hunting area, as I'm starting to think not many look at the rafting column). Looking for opinions on Delphin boats, up and downs why you would or would not own one, yes I know it's PVC and hard to roll and handle/fold but about 2K less than an Achilles.

    Need a new boat, sold a Zodiac 310S Zoom this year and I would like to get a larger type boat. Went to Sea Marita and checked out boats the other day, I could get a Zodiac 340S (removable floors, 12 foot rig) for about $1750 or a comparable Achilles for about $3400 (removable aluminum floors, 12 foot rig) or a Delphin with aluminum floors for about $1600. The Delphin is PVC which is hard to pack and handle, it is also heavier about 35 lbs more than the Achilles with the aluminum floor or the Zodiac 340S. I intend on using the setup to mount a 10hp prop engine and hunt mostly, but it would be nice to dip for Reds in the Kasilof or Kenai with it also. Besides those two trips I would most likely mess around with it a little. Should I be considering the Zodiac and Delphin, I'm leaning towards the Delphin, yes I'd rather have the Achilles but another near $2K is a lot of money for 30 lbs and a few conveniences when setting up.


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    Default Delphin

    I purchased the 13'9" Delphin with aluminum floors @ Marita last winter. I too thought about purchasing an Achilles or Zodiac for ~2K more. My decision to buy the Delphin hinged on the fact that I will not be using it more than a handful of times per year. I used it on an ABC islands brown bear hunt for two weeks in May and it performed flawlessly. There was essentially no wear on the raft despite the daily beachings on the rocky barnicle-infested shores we encountered daily. I'm very happy with the raft and plan on using it on more drop-off hunts and for fishing trips out of Seward/Homer.


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