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Thread: Emoticons?

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    Default Emoticons?

    Webmaster have you thought about integrating emoticons into this forum.

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    Question Emoticons are easy, but....?

    Quote Originally Posted by Water_Gremlin
    Webmaster have you thought about integrating emoticons into this forum.
    Emoticons are not particularly difficult to implement in the forums. They are currently turned off.

    During an earlier discussion of this (and many other related subjects) the consensus I heard was that emoticons were seen as silly and not helpful.

    But I am willing to listen to other perspectives on this. What do forum members think about this?


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    The emoticons often help to convey the gist of a post that doesn't always come thru as intended when typed in stale text.

    People often take a post literally and far too seriously ( which is easy to do, especially if the reader is already defensive to begin with). Some guys post with a little sarcasm, dark humor, just kidding, or totally tongue-in-cheek. The emoticons often help readers to not take the off-beat comments too literally or too seriously.
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