Wow! What a difference makes!

It looks like that we dodged the bad weather; it missed us and is now headed out to Russia. We still have very warm weather and it looks like the high temps are going to be with us for another week. There is spoiled meat making its way back into Kotz so be heads up in taking care of that meat! Hang it up so air gets all of the way around it and it builds up a nice skin.

Very few planes flew yesterday as the wind was crazy but this morning the guys coming in had some of the biggest racks that I have seen all season. Good animals being taken around the Aggie and Elli rivers in the Noatak Flats. I ran into one guy who is running a hunting camp down south near Buckland Alaska on state land and they are taking some nice Moose and bears. This is new and it might be worth looking at for a 08 hunt.

Good luck!

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