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Thread: North Slope Caribou

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    Default North Slope Caribou

    Deltana outfitters is one I know and gold rush are there others?

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    Thumbs up deltana

    no reason to look past deltana. they are IT up there.

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    Call Mike with Alaska Bush Sports. Great people to go with! We were up there, Happy Valley, the first couple of weeks of August, warm weather but had a great hunt!

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    Default Alaska Bush Sports

    We Had a great hunt with them too. My son shot his first caribou up there on the 13th of Aug. Was a great trip, after the hunt a bunch of old time sheep hunters stopped into camp and shared stories from years past. Two of the young ones, 61 and 62 years of age had a couple of nice sheep. The next night a couple from a search and rescue stopped in. Probably one of the funnest trip's I've ever had. Mike use to guide up there and not only is a great pilot, but understands the land and the animals. Oh, did I say my son was catching 20" plus graying and char, on a short notice float trip. Top Knotch.


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    Default hunt info with AK Bush

    Was wondering if you guys would mind telling me how much one of these trips cost you. I would like my son to get a 'bou or moose and haven't connected on either. So my decision is to save for a trip next year. Was yours a drop off or guided and did you have an idea of what and where you wanted or did they set you guys up decently. I don't really want a guided, just a drop off. Seeings how I have never done this before I am not sure even where to start. When I lived in Fairbanks I got my moose from age 13 until I was 22. Moved to Tenn. and came back to Anchorage and have not connected yet. Now my son has moved up from his mothers 6 years ago and I would like for him to get something. Any info would be appreciated

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    another vote for deltana! Great people, great outfit and hard working guides!!! Honest people who wont steer you wrong.

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    I've hunted with Alaska Bush Sports on multiple occasions and have always had an incredible experience. Mike is an excellent and safe pilot and works hard to get you in front of the animals. Top notch outfit.


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