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Thread: Cow vs. Bull Moose tracks

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    Default Cow vs. Bull Moose tracks

    I am taking my 9 yr old son with me out in the field this weekend and we were discussing the differences in Cow vs. Bull tracks. I told him the differences, as in cows are more rounded and bulls are more pointed and often show the dew claw marking.

    Does anyone have some pics to post that would show these to him?
    this is his first year going with Papa. I was 9 when I first went with my dad and dropped a caribou when I was 10. Here's to hoping the same for him!

    Just aint much better than taking a child with you to pass on the skills and info.

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    I don't have any pics to show you. I myself have had a difficult time distinguishing which is which but have followed the same thoughts that you have. I find myself looking for other signs such as rubs on trees etc.

    I am making plans with my 13 yr old son for his first real moose hunt next year. At least a week trip will be fun to spend with him rather than the occasional day or evening trips we do as a family.

    The best tracks of any moose I have found have a moose standing in them

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    "cows are more rounded and bulls are more pointed and often show the dew claw marking. "
    the exact opposite is what i meant to say about the shape of the print.. And the bulls often dig deeper in the soil because of weight

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    Default Here ya go...

    Here's a grizz following a bull; note the bull's prints left the dew claws and the cows might do the same if they are big or the mud is super soft. Cows will have more "crescent" shapes to their front hooves and the tips will be close together. Calves will have a shape like this /\ to their tips.
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    Default Swamp Bulls

    I have seen some swam bulls with extremely long toe-nails at about 10 or so inches or even longer. Moose that walk in the dirt most of their lives have shorter toe-nails however. Bulls tracks are more often apart and cows are together while tracking.


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