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    Default Moose Success X2

    Had a GREAT hunt! We both tagged out on the third day of the season, just two minutes apart. We spotted these fellas together about 400-500 yards out, on a big pine flat. They walked towards us, but between the speed that they meander at we weren't able to judge the first one, and he walked by at 120-130 yards, out of sight from the ridge we were glassing from. It took about 3 more minutes for bull #2 to make his way down, we judged him at over 50" and my hunting partner Rich dropped him (he was the "shooter" that day) with the .300 Ultra Mag. We made our way around the ridgetop about 75 yards and found bull #1 still there! We traded camera and rifle, I grunted him, he looked our way, judged him at over 50" and I dropped him! Two bulls in two minutes. It was a great hunt and a great experience. They're not the biggest bulls in the state (54" & 53"), for sure, but they are certainly trophy bulls for us Pennsylvanian do-it-yourselfers!
    (Not sure if the pics worked, see in a minute)

    Thanks to all who helped out from this site, and hope your hunting went as well or better!


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    Maybe this works:

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    Lets see some pics and congrats

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    Default Moose Success X2 Pics (merged threads)

    Think I got it.

    Thanks again to all for their input!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default lucky

    Looks like you were fortunate that they ended up slightly over 50" (53" and 54") since at least one of them doesn't have more than 2 browtines on either side (couldn't tell on the other with the brush). That would have really been a tough call for me to make without the browtine support.

    Congratulations! Sounds like a good successful hunt.

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    One was 2 x 3, the other 2 x 2. It actually was a good, clean call, as the second bull (first one we shot) stopped in a completely clear lane, and when I grunted he looked directly at us for some time, allowing a very good view for field judging. Like my "story" said, we actually left the first one walk by, since we could not adequately field judge him. When we did come upon him after killing the other, I grunted him and he gave us the same "direct at us" stare, for adequate judging time. In my mind I actually judged them at 54" - 55" each, prior to the shot. Had I judged them at less, we would not have shot. Before Rich or I pulled the trigger, I was sure of two things, #1- they were legal and #2- they were "just legal" by a few inches, but definitely legal. Eye-to-eye x 2 on each side works very good. We actually passed on two bulls the day before because we were only able to catch glimpses of the racks, even though I could have sworn that one had 4 brows on one side and appeared to be massive. On that day we never even picked the gun up, and never did see those two bulls again. The next day, however, worked out well. One thing though, I'm not sure I'd ever kill two bulls between two guys in one day - the next two days were pure H$LL!! Cutting & packing 1300 pounds of moose was not easy....

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    Nice job on two legal bulls.

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    Default Another trip

    I see from another forum that you are going to the Missouri Breaks in Montana for a early Oct to Mid Oct elk, mule deer and a antelope hunt. I hope that your trip is as successful as the Alaska one was.

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    Looking forward to that hunt, too! Thanks.

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    Congrats, those are a couple really nice moose.


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