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Thread: Kotzebue update Sept. 12

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    Default Kotzebue update Sept. 12

    Hi Guys

    I thought I would update the up date!

    Hunting has slowed down a bunch this week. The weather is way too warm and the **** caribou have stopped moving. There are good numbers in the Noatak Flats but they are just taking a nap. I had some guys bring more bulls in from the Kug but they had meat problems. 50 degrees for a week is tough to deal with.

    We are about to get smacked with some really bad weather so if your coming up be prepared for rain and wind along with warm temps. Will fall ever come to the NW? Tell me that global warming is not real, we should be seeing ice on the Noatak by now and its still warm enough for a swim!

    Good luck guys!


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    Default oh man

    Walt.... your killing me man :-) we are on the plane fri am.... shooting for the upper noatak.... maybe headwaters of the Nimmi.....

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    Thanks for the updates Walt. Hope things get better. I'm leaving tomorrow and will be there Sat morning.

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    Unhappy Kotzebue

    Bring your rain gear and I hope your tent is a good one! For gods sake donít camp on the gravel bars close to the streams or you may wash and tie your tent down! . Most of the Village of Kivilina was evacuated last night as they got slapped with 6-7 foot waves from this monster storm we are seeing. It has missed us so far but Poor Kivilina only sits 12 inches above high tide. Expect rough weather. I donít think many flights got out yester day due to the wind

    Good luck and take pics!

    55 degrees right now and rain, 30 mph winds.

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