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Thread: Permit DS120

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    Default Permit DS120

    I won a ds120 pemit, Any information would be great.....

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    Default Ds120

    Saw some ewe's on top of a ridge in the Thunderbird Creek area. PM me if you want more info. It's a long ways back for a ewe that late in the year!
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    saw a handful of ewes on the north side of the twins yesterday, near the lake in the bowl, also about 2 dozen on pioneer overlooking jim creek, i don't know where ds120 is but maybe this'll help. shoot me a pm if your interested in more info on the twin peaks ewes.
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    Default Just got back

    I just got back from a ewe hunt in 14C southwest. Got a ewe. Saw some going into the ship lake area when we were leaving the valley, also saw somw right around the Indian creek pass as we were leaving. I got mine near the covergence of ship valley and indian valley. Good luck, we saw lots after I got mine. PM me with any questions.


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