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Thread: Ruger 22/45 MKIII Hunter--Range Report

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    Default Ruger 22/45 MKIII Hunter--Range Report

    So I finally parted with some $$$ and bought the Ruger 22/45 MK III hunter. I got the one with the shorter (4.5") barrel.

    Well I got out to the range today and put 250+ rounds through it. I took the advice of a forum member and bought 4 different kinds/types of ammo and tried them all. And here is how they turned out:

    CCI mini mags 40gr--fed perfectly and reasonably accurate.

    CCI Stingers 32gr--fed perfectly and somewhat wider groups

    Federal bulk 36gr HP bulk--fed perfectly, cost the least, good accuracy

    Federal American Eagle 38gr HP--bullet nose shape caused a dozen feed jams..tried several mags and all had the same problem. I will not be buying this ammo in the future.

    Overall this gun is just great, with the exception of the american eagle ammo this pistol ate everything with no other issues. I hope to get out later this week and put several hundred more rounds through it to break it in.

    I will have better accuracy information next time...I was shooting at spinners today.

    good shooting,


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    Good post. You found out first hand why you should always see what ammo works in your particular firearm. Another MkIII may feed those Federal rounds perfectly. every gun has it's preference, especially autoloaders.
    You can never shoot too much...... Thanks for the information.
    Now just why in the hell do I have to press "1" for English???

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    Determined to find the best 22 cartridge for each of my 22's, I bought a box or two of every brand available in Anchorage, including match grade ammo. I think I had over a dozen different brands.

    There were four 22 firearms:

    * S&W 317, 3.5" barrel
    * Ruger 22/45, 5" bull barrel, scoped (2.5x Burris)
    * Remington Nylon 66
    * Browning lever action

    I tried each brand in each firearm, shooting at least 3 groups of 3 rounds each at both 10 yards and 25 yards.

    Without question, the Remington Viper Hyper Velocity Ammunition, 22 Long Rifle, 36 Grain Plated Truncated Cone ammo shot best in all four firearms.

    This was a blessing. Now I'm comfortable buying just a single brand of 22 ammo knowing it will shoot as well as I can.

    And it won't destroy what I'm shooting. When I was in college in California I used Stinger ammo because it had the destructive power to put jackrabbits down for the count, but when I used them up here on snowshoe hares, there wasn't much left to eat. The truncated cone works well on both grouse and hares without completely destroying them.

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    Default I've got one too...

    and really like it. I've only tried one brand of ammo so far (remington thunderbolt) but it has fed them just fine.

    Have you bought a holster for it yet? I'm trying to figure out what models will fit this gun.

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    Default Holster


    I bought a basic Uncle Mikes...size 5. Seems to fit well and it was pretty cheap.

    I have now put about 1000 rounds through it without cleaning...I wanted to see how long it could go before there were problems. No feeding problems but around 800 rounds I started to get some stovepipes. I would get one about every 50 to 75 rounds after that.

    Got it torn down and cleaned on Sunday and it is ready to go again.

    Overall I really like this gun,



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