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Thread: Moose European Mount

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    Default Moose European Mount

    I know this has been discussed before but I need a bit of help...

    #1 Does anyone know of a Taxidermist that does a nice job with these? Preferably someone in Anchorage that would pick up the rack from the airport?

    #2 Has anyone had the antlers stained for more contrast? If so, could you post a picture.


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    I know two, Knight's Taxidermy over on Arctic. I've had a number of caribou done that way by him. Lone Wolf Taxidermy 696-3611 in Eagle River is a very good taxidermist and is quicker than Russ. Give him a call.

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    I've got a moose that I had stained when it was plaqued. From the ones I've seen, they usually come out pretty dark (and that depends antler to antler of course). Mine turned out pretty good, I'm happy with it anyways.

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    Default Antler Staining

    You can order the stain almost any shade you desire. You can go to Van Dykes taxidermy website or most likely any of the taxidermist supply web sites and order it to your liking. The key is to start light and then darken to your desire. No different than a piece of wood. Small touchups can even be down using the stain markers sold at Walmart, Lowes, etc...

    As for the European mount, you guys can do that on your own and save yourself a decent amount of money. Its a very simple process and the kit comes with the instructions and enough material to do one set. Van Dykes also sells this. One word of caution, ensure your do all the boiling outside as it creates a pretty bad smell. haha...

    If you need more help or guidance don't hesitate to pm or ask. Doug

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    Default Big Bull

    Big Bull Taxidermy - 337-5662

    Better than competitive rates (military discount).
    Quick turnaround.
    Great work.

    Tell him Rob sent you.

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    Default KILZ spray paint

    I talked to my taxidermist about this very thing. He said that he spray paints the antlers with KILZ pray paint. This seals the porous surface and provided an even base to start the staining process. He uses oil based stain. I did not ask the color. He had several sets there and they looked nice. I have these two sets of caribou antlers that I will be doing soon.


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    Thumbs up Action Anatomy in Eagle River!

    Bob did a great job on mine last year. He is particulary good with staining so the antlers are not unnaturally dark. I'll try to post a picture later . Give him a call at 622-4616.


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