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Thread: Inflatable Canoe question

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    Question Inflatable Canoe question

    Ok. I have been wanting to ask this question for a while. What do you think about inflatable Canoes, which ones are the best and of course why?

    I rent Aire Tomcats Tandems and everyone of my customers have enjoyed them but I am interested in what you think?

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    Default Ally pack canoes...

    I have used Ally pack canoes for three trips and am completely satisfied with them. Off subject a bit, but couldnt help mentioning. I floated the Kelly and Kugururok with them. They weigh 46 lbs and carry 800 lbs. Sounds odd at first, but I can vouch for them. Just thought I would mention them. Made by Bergans of Norway and imported through Cascade Crags in Washington state.

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    Default Soar

    I like my SOAR Pro Pioneer; only 5 days of use, but seems like good quality and handles pretty well.

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    Thumbs up SOAR Pro "P" gets my vote!

    Thumbs up for the Pro Pioneer! Can't go wrong, and I am sure you will be satisfied should you purchase one. If you are interested, get with Larry Bartlett at Prinstine Ventures, he will take care of all your float hunting needs. All my friends and I can speak by experience....... Good Luck!
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    I also like the Pro Pioneer but i don't own one.....yet. I used one on my 7 day North Slope caribou hunt this past fall on the Colville and it worked great. I couldn't imagine trying to row a roundboat down that river with those ferocious winds we encountered. The Pro P is a tough as nails boat that when combined with the Oar Saddles will take you anywhere you want to go in a lightweight package. I'll have one someday along with a Levitator.


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