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    I have been home, Orlando, Fla. for abut two weeks now. Just getting caught up from being gone for a month in the Great Land. Had a great trip! ...again. This years trip was number 5 for me. With every trip I gain a little more knowledge as to the where, when, and how. No exception this year. Spent a lot more time on this trip pursuing Rainbows....I just like em! Floated five different rivers. Experienced the usual fabulous fishing and also some tough fishing. I planned this years trip to coincide with what is the usual peak of the silver run in the Valley. I caught a lot of silvers at the beginnning of the run but as time progressed it got tougher and tougher. Finally made a trip to Valdez and managed to get lucky and hit some very good fishing there. Got one 16 #4 oz silver, my personal best and no I did not have a derby ticket and yes it was the biggest caught on that day...cost myself some money! My son and two oldest grandsons met me after my first week. We floated the Upper Gulkana. We used the services of Blue Moose Rafting. To say I was pleased would be a huge understatement. Moose runs the best outfitter/guide service I have ever done business with..I have hired guides all over the U.S. and abroad as well and I have never ever had any better service. His equipment was first rate, his information acurate and honest, he was punctual, and did everything he could have done to make our trip a great one. We caught countless trout and twice that many big grayling. We are planning next years float on that river again! It was great! We did a day of four wheeling which was a lot of fun for the boys especialy. Saw a lot sheep. We had parked the wheelers and hiked to the top of a ridge looking for blueberries and spotted three groups and a few scattered ones on distant ridges, 72 sheep could be counted from where we sat! Saw one coyote which surprised me as I was not aware they existed in the area we were in. Boys had a good time! After they returned home I had sometime for myself. Spent most of it chasing trout in the valley, did some sockeye fishing on the Klutina and enjoyed every minute in Alaska. Thanks for another great trip!

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    haha. the story about meeting up with the son and grandson sounds familiar but i'm 99% sure the home state is wrong so this is a long shot. Does your first name start with J? wife C?

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    Default AK bliss...

    Happens to many who do the homework in trip planning!

    My congratulations...


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