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    Default Thirty days of bliss..

    I have finally caught up all the catching up that being gone for thirty days generates. This years trip was my fifth time to the Great Land. With each and every trip I gain a little more knowledge as to the where to go and how to doits. No exception this year. Floated five different rivers and enjoyed each of them. They all have thier unique personalities and I find that amazing. Example: Willow vs. Little Willow..they fish differently, they float differently, have vastly different concentrations of fish. Willow was so full of Pinks (off year?) in the lower streches that it was somewhat difficult to catch anything else. What amazes me is that the two rivers can be so different and yet so close to each other! Spent most of this years trip pursuing in eanst most Cheechakos my earlier trips were salmon oriented. I can't brag about any 30 inch fish but I will say that I experience the best 'bow fishing I have ever had. Lots of fish and they were healthy, that is fat! Did catch a number of them around + and - 20 inches and "that aint bad". My son and two oldest grandsons met me for the first week and we floated the Upper Gulkana. Can't say enough good about that trip. We used the services of Blue Moose Rafting and to say I was pleased would be a huge understatement. I have used guides all over the U.S. and for many years too, I'm old, and I can say that I have never had any better service from any of them. All the information Richard provided was dead on. He told us all the where to's and how to's and not once did we find anything he suggested to be a waste of time. His equipment was top of the line, he was prompt, polite, helpful, more than fair with what he charged. I will be doing this float again next year and of course use Blue Moose Rafting again! I also used other guides/outfitters for some of the other per rules of this forum I will not mention thier names as the results were not the same...if you can't say anything good just don't say anything..right. At the beginnning of the trip the silvers started to show in the Valley streams and I put a good number of them in the freezer to bring home...good thing as the silver run did prove to be a disappointment, at least in the Valley. I made a trip to Valdez and managed to hit that run just right. Got my personal best of 16#4oz while there. Had little difficulty in limiting out usually within two or three hours. With the previously caught Valley silvers and those from Valdez I have enough to last a while. Did some sockeye fishing on the Klutina with good results. With spending the majority of my month in the bush I am pleased to say I had not the first threatening encounter with any bears. Not the case on previous trips. I did see a few but mostly from far away. Enjoyed seeing them. No wolves, but did see a coyote which I was surprised at. We were 4 wheeling somewhere north of Palmer and had parked the wheelers and hiked up to the top of ridge looking for blueberries. Came over the ridge and he was laying in the sun at about 20 yards away. No mistake it was a coyote....I was not aware that they even existed in the area we were in. Saw a lot of sheep this year. From one high spot we hiked to, I counted 72 of them in three different herds. That was fun! Only close encounter with any wildlife was the moose that crossed the river and walked by our tent...five feet from my head! ...and moose season was open..we just weren't hunting! I love Alaska and it's residents....thanks for a good trip!

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    Default Glad to see it all worked out

    FL Fisherman! Thanks for the positive comments. PM me on your address you left a box a gear and knife in one of the dry bags I believe it belongs to your G-son. Also Glad to see you made it back safe and sound. Until next time tight lines and bets wishes.



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