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Thread: Glacier Creek Goat

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    Default Glacier Creek Goat

    Has anyone drawn the Glacier Creek Goat hunt? Just looking for any helpful hints. I am planning on go up for a shot here next weekend.

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    Default Check the Archives

    Check the archives as I believe there was some discussion on this hunt last year. I believe it was "Chef Viktor" or someone that had some advice.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Glacier Creek

    Most of the goats should be congregated at the foot of Eagle Glacier which dumps into the Northeast corner of Glacier Creek bowl, at least they were several years ago when I had the hunt. You can access the bowl by either going up over the Cache, before the mine, or hiking directly up Glacier Creek. Might have to hike all the way back to the glacier or might get lucky and see one of the scattered groups of billies right as you crest the top. Be prepared for lots of sidehilling. This is a great hunt, and if you are in good shape, you will be sucessful over a weekend. Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the Info.


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